KVV Pipeline Construction Co. Ltd.

The KVV Pipeline Construction Co. Ltd. (KVV Kőolajvezetéképítő Zrt.) has since its foundation in 1954 grown to be a leading company in the Hungarian gas and oil industry for piping construction and erection, as well as for pipe fittings manufacture..

Its 60 years of experience, the continuous development of its experts, its technology and its technical resources, and several hundred successful international and national projects guarantee that the company will always fulfill its obligations professionally.

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Building & erection activity

The main activity of KVV Zrt. is the execution of pipelines and accessories for transmission of natural gas, rude oil and crude oil derivatives, in the diameter range of DN25 to DN1400 mm.



The company develops, produces and sells steel pipe products for 30 years now, for the hydrocarbon industry and other consumers. Our best known products are the cold or hot bent pipe elbows, T-pieces and pipe reducers.


Tank construction, repairs and diagnostics

It is a relatively new but dynamically developing segment of KVV’s activities. It includes diagnostic examination of existing operational tanks, making necessary repairs, and constructing new tanks.



Városföld-Drávaszer- dahely gázvezeték

Városföld to Drávaszerdahely gas pipeline

From September 2009 to December 2010 the 206 km long, DN800 mm diameter, so-called “Croatian transit” gas pipeline was built, that provides the two-way connectivity between Hungarian and Croatian natural gas networks. KVV finished the execution of the pipeline by employing two line welding groups (one using a semi-automatic, the other a manual welding method) in record time.


Algyő-Nagylak gázvezeték

Algyő to Nagylak gas pipeline

The 47 km long DN700 mm diameter gas pipeline ensures the connection between the Hungarian and the Romanian natural gas network. The so-called “Romanian transit” gas pipeline was built in the period between March and October 2009.

Stratégiai gázvezeték

Strategic gas pipeline

Built as a capacity increasing pipeline between the Hungarian-Ukrainian border and the compressor station at Beregdaróc (5 km, DN1400), as well as between Beregdaróc and Hajdúszoboszló (125 km, DN1000), and Városföld and Algyő (80 km, DN1000), the strategic gas pipeline is the high pressure diameter gas pipeline of Hungary with the biggest diameter with a total length of 210 km, and which reached its mechanical completeness between February and December 2008.